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Therapy for Trauma
Online and in person therapy in Minnesota

Heal trauma, discover peace.

What you have gone through in the past doesn’t have to define where you stay in the present or where you go in the future.

“Why can’t I just let it go?”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I just can’t shake it.”

“What happened to me is my fault.”

“I don’t deserve to be happy.”

“I am so afraid of getting close to someone.”

“No one can be trusted.”

>>   Daily life is just….hard. And it feels like others have it all together and get through so easily! But things from your past are dragging you back, making even simple tasks or obligations feel “blurry,” as if done in a fog and only for the sake of obligation. Concentrating on tasks, at work, and within things you used to enjoy are not as easy, creating more stress and strain, but you don’t know how to fix it or what could be causing the struggles. Your energy levels are off; irritation is higher; and you feel more anxious, want to avoid things, or feeling frequently tearful and/or moody. Relationships are feeling misplaced, disconnected, or just plain difficult and unfulfilling. Why? How do others have it all figured out and I don’t? What am I doing wrong?

You have the power to turn trauma into healing.

Healing from the circumstances and situations from your past can be a journey toward increasing your overall confidence in yourself, letting go of the things that have held you back, and increasing genuine, safe connection with others. Freeing yourself from the roller-coaster of emotions and worrying if something will “come out of nowhere” that feels too hard to handle, as your freedom from trauma can help you to gain strength in knowing how to care for you properly; tending to the emotional wounds from your past so, even though the scars may never fully go away, they no longer are hindering you living your authentic life in peace.

Our therapists have extensive training in trauma-specific modalities that allows you to understand the roots of the struggles and issues from the not-so-awesome-life experiences may be holding you back and can work with you to learn to let go of the grip traumatic events may still have on you, your body, and mind. Whether being held back in your relationships, at your job, or even getting in your own way of living your full potential, our therapists can help you discover the keys to unlocking your life from the vice of trauma.


Therapy for Trauma can help you...

  • Understand how experiences from your past could be showing up today;

  • Increase your ability to allow your body to “let go” of some of these past experiences and bring healing and growth to your life;

  • Learn to live in a life that feels safe, secure, and genuine;

  • Reduce the overall irritation and anger you’ve been holding on to for so long;

  • Reach a level of healing that you no longer feel the need to hang on to what happened to you, or release someone’s grip on your life’s happiness;

  • Reduce the impacts of past experiences from your present-day life.

Together, let’s discover how healing
can set you free from trauma’s grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are sessions like for therapy for trauma?

Q: How long will I need therapy for?

Q: Is therapy for trauma covered by insurance?

Q: What are the different types of trauma?

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