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We're here to help you heal, grow, and discover
your passion...
however that may look and feel.

In Person & Online Trauma Therapy & Sex Therapy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

You've tried to make the changes on your own but.....

You're feeling on edge a lot lately. Unsure why, or seem to be triggered by the slightest thing. Seeming you're stuck in life, something unknown or unseen, holding you back from the life you truly want: sense of balance, peace, and success.

The disconnection between you and your partner(s) has (have) seemed to grow so wide, it feels like a cavern between you, making the idea of connecting again feel like such a distant and near impossible task; unsure where to even begin. Everything you've tried so far has brought little to no satisfaction or change; slipping back into old patterns and habits that just don't work anymore. Intimacy feels like something that has been lost along the way, leaving you frustrated, exhausted, and lost.

Your sexual behavior has become a confusing mix of enjoying the excitement and eroticism it brings, but then feeling so guilty afterward that, despite your longing for it to stop, you hide it from others for fear of being found out, judged, or abandoned. Your desire, behavior, and attraction has become a secret because you don't know exactly how to talk about what you really desire; how to bring a new excitement to your intimacy. Or the thing you find yourself desiring makes you feel a confusing mixture of pleasure, embarrassment, and/or shame; trying to ignore the desire or attraction leaving you exhausted and hopeless.


We can help you discover new ways to work through the struggle.

Discover that you possess the inner strengths to...

  • Live a life that has more peace and calm;

  • Find balance and fulfillment in your life;

  • Shed the struggles from your past to love the life you're living today.

Discover that you can take back control over...

  • The passion and intimacy within your relationship(s);

  • The way you express yourself, sexually;

  • How you share your sexual self in the light, rather than hidden in the dark;

  • The way you feel about your sexuality, self, and relationship(s).


At InnerStrength Therapy we strive to provide you with the tools you need to bring healing, peace, and the passion back to your life. Through compassionate, sex positive, trauma informed, and talk-based therapy, we help you to understand the reasons behind the current struggles and/or recent change, and help you to discover the inner strengths you already possess -- or learn how to use newly discovered strengths -- to live the life you want and reclaim the pleasure in life you deserve.

Our Therapists

InnerStrength Therapy has a talented team of mental health professionals in Minnesota who offer in person therapy, online therapy, or a hybrid of both, who specialize in trauma, life transitions, sexuality struggles (dysfunctions and/or within relationship structures of all kinds), gender and sexual orientation, and desire levels. All of the professional therapists at InnerStrength are dedicated to helping you using compassionate, sex positive, strength-based, and trauma-informed care practices.

Our therapists approach every client without a defined vision of what your new life will mean to you, as we know your life story is special and
you hold the key to your new, unique, and beautiful life. 


Our Specialties


Therapy for Trauma

Therapy for Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Therapy for LGBTQIA+

Therapy for Sexuality Issues

Brainspotting Therapy for Trauma

Professional Services

In addition to our professional psychotherapy services, we offer professional licensure and certification supervision for licensed and pre-licensed individuals, and consultation for professional organizations, and groups. Please click below to find out more about our professional consultation, supervision, and other professional opportunities.

Getting Your Discovery Started

The first step of reaching out and beginning to discover how to shape your new life can often be the hardest part.

We know, first hand, the invaluable investment into yourself and your new life therapy can be; the comfort you can have working alongside someone who you can trust, won't judge you, and allows that space to process through the "what the heck is happening and what do I want?"-parts. Someone who can remind you that, even though it may be hard and a bit unknown, the journey can be worth it and bring you to a new place of healing, peace, and pleasure.

Step One

Take your time and review the therapist biographies below to get a general sense of what they specialize treating, if you like the sound of how they work, and feel a general sense of curiosity to begin working on your new life discovery with them as a guide.

Step Two

Once you have a general idea of who you'd like to work with contact our administrative specialist at the bottom of the page to get started.

Step Three

Once you select a therapist, we'll gather some general information about you. We will help you schedule your first session and you will be sent some paperwork to complete. After that, you will be ready to begin your journey of discovery.

Invest in yourself and your happiness.
Schedule your appointment today

Discover your inner strengths to live your best life!

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