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Therapy for Sexuality Issues
Online and in person therapy in Minnesota

Find understanding, discover pleasure.

Has sex and intimacy become more of a pain than a source of pleasure?

“I used to enjoy sex, but now it just feels like too much work.”
“I don’t know why I’ve lost desire for sex.”
“What’s wrong with my body?”
“Life without sex is just something I need to accept.”
“I could never be good enough in bed.”
“I used to be confident, now I can’t even get my body to act right!”
“We no longer even touch. Is this the end of us?”
“I enjoy this certain thing…but how do I tell my partner? They’d think I’m a creep!”

>>   Sex no longer feels fun, and it feels different than it used to. (Or maybe it never did feel quite as pleasurable as “it should.”) It is feeling much more like an obligation than a desire, so naturally there’s a shift in focus to other things, avoiding intimacy altogether with your sweetheart(s). Life changes causing an unexpected change in our body’s functioning, leaving us grappling with trying to understand how to get back the passion and desire. No time for reconnection; the demands of everyday life causing a rift between you and your sweetheart(s) that the thought of trying to reconnect just feels like it is more of a weight than a resolution to the exhaustion. Your body doesn’t operate as smoothly and expected as before: things have changed, it’s harder to get going, keep things flowing, or just there doesn’t seem to be the same interest there as it was, so why bother?

Bring the passion & pleasure back to your life & relationships.

Regaining the intimate connection between you and your partner(s) can revitalize and redefine your entire world! Bringing you closer to each other to rediscover that sense of spark and closeness that has felt lost. Expanding your knowledge of how to expand upon the pleasure you give yourself, or someone else, brings sexual pleasure back to a place of life enhancement, self-care, and overall health. Reduce the confusion, increase the confidence, and feel the benefits of being secure in your sexual attractions, expressions, and experiences, as you no longer are carrying the weight of society’s expectations and trying to shove your sexuality into a little box of “should’s,” according to our cultural norms. Free yourself from the cultural messaging that is no longer serving you, helping you feel more secure and fulfilled in your sexuality and expressions.

Our therapists are specially trained to deal with, and have extensive experience treating, the various aspects of sexuality, sexual function/dysfunction, and come from a sex-positive lens that allows you the ability to fully explore your sexuality. With this freedom, you are able to understand the solutions to the struggles you’re facing and allow passion and pleasure to be a hallmark to your relationships – with yourself and your sweetheart(s)!


Therapy for Sexuality Issues can help with...

  • Explore your sexual orientation identity(-ies)

  • Expand your knowledge about sexual health

  • Explore the possibilities for the changes in your desire levels

  • Explore new ways to being sexual with yourself and/or partner(s)

  • Learn how to communicate your sexual wants/needs to your partner(s)

  • Learn what you don’t want sexually and how to communicate this to your partner(s)

  • Improve your sexual function (i.e., erections, pain during sex)

  • Explore what your attractions may mean and how to fully embrace them

  • Learn new ways to experience and express intimacy within your life and relationship(s).

Your sexual pleasure is worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does therapy for sexuality issues look like?

Q: Are sexuality issues covered by insurance?

Q: What modes of therapy are used to treat sexuality issues?

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