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Services & Specialties Treated

Our mental health professionals and practitioners are skilled and well versed to treat common mental health and relational issues, but they also have specialties in which they've received specific, and intensive, training for treating their area of specialty for online or in person therapy in Minnesota.

(Note: Therapists may not treat all of the same specialties. Please check their bios and/or contact our administrative expert to find out if the therapist you'd like to work with is able to treat the specific issue you're wanting to work on.)

Services Offered

Our mental health professionals & practitioners provide common talk-based psychotherapy services in Minnesota through comfortable in-person sessions, HIPAA-secure telemedicine sessions, or a hybrid of both for your convenience.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the type of therapy one thinks of when they say they are "going to therapy." It is where the client and therapist work together to identify those personal goals the client has and works together to obtain them. However, therapy is not a "passive" process, meaning work between sessions helps reach these goals faster. The trust between client and therapist is also the single most important thing for therapeutic success, so it is vital you feel comfortable with your therapist so you are able to fully open up to them with your needs.


Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy (also known as "couples counseling" or "marital counseling") is the space you and your partner(s) create with your therapist to work through interpersonal, intimacy and other difficulties that have come up in your life. It is common for periods of disconnection and struggles to occur within long-term relationships, but they do not have to be the end-all. We sometimes feel hesitant to bring up our wants and need out of fear of conflict or avoidance of hurting feelings. Working with your therapist to understand the growth areas of your relationship(s) and increasing communication, connection and intimacy could possibly help.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is the type of therapy where individuals (can be mixed gendered) gather with a primary therapist to process and discuss the same concern/problem together. Group therapy works well, as clients are able to get a sense of empathic care from others who understand the specific struggle and can work on successful recovery, healing or growth together and with the guidance from the therapist. Clients have also expressed working in a group has helped them feel less alone and isolated, knowing others understand the struggle they are going through.

Our Therapists & Their Specialties:

Jessica VerBout, M.A., LMFT, CST:
Certified Sex Therapist 
Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Relationship Therapy (traditional & non-traditional)
Sexuality Issues (personal & relationship)

Jessica's Fees:

$185/individual session (50-55 min.)
$195/relationship session  (50-55 min.)
$240 for 90 min. session
Insurances Accepted:

Dan VerBout, M.A., M.B.A., LPCC:
Certified Brainspotting Therapist 
Trauma (treated with Brainspotting)
Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Men's Sexual & Mental Health

Dan's Fees:
$150 for individual therapy (50-55 min.)
$200 for 90 min. session
Insurances Accepted: BC&BS, Hennepin Health, Medical Assistance (MA), UCare, Open Path provider

JVBinChair Cropped.jpg
DVBCouch1 RS.jpg

Ariel Kimbrough, M.S., LMFT
Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Sexuality Issues
Relationship Therapy (traditional
& non-traditional)

Teens Sexual & Mental Health

Ariel's Fees:
$150 for individual therapy
$160 for relationship therapy

Ange Hasert, M.A., LAMFT*:
Trauma (treated with Brainspotting)
Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Sexuality Issues
Teens Sexual & Mental Health

Ange's Fees:
$120 for individual & relationship therapy
Insurance Accepted: BC&BS, UCare PMAP, Medical Assistance (MA)

*Under the direct supervision of
 Jessica VerBout, LMFT, CST 

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