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Therapy for LGBTQIA2S+
Online and in person therapy in Minnesota

Love & live in authenticity.

Living as your authentic self does not have to feel so isolating.

“I have always felt different.”
“I don’t think I can change who I am. What’s wrong with me?”
“I don’t know why I feel the way I do.”
“I try to block it, but it just keeps coming back.”
“No one around me understands. I’m just too different from them.”

>>   Living a life that feels authentic to you, allowing you to be who you feel you are on the inside, has seemed so difficult because of who society says you “should be” and who you “should love.” Forcing societal, cultural, and sometimes religious rules and expectations to dictate how you live your life. But this ends up leaving you feeling isolated, confused, and unsure what/who the “right you” really is. Your desires to express yourself through your clothing, hairstyles, and other means feeling controlled by the approval of others, leaving you to forego all of it altogether. Your romantic and sexual parts of yourself are drawn to a certain type of person whom your family, religion, culture – all of the above and more – say you “can’t or else” you face being left out. Often these constraints and expectations make us, despite our best efforts to “fit in” and go with what is expected, we find ourselves more sad, worried, or just discontent with life; not feeling truly seen, heard, or accepted.

Live authentically: You are worthy, just as you are.

You deserve to live a life that feels, in all aspects, aligned with you! Who you love, who you decide to share yourself (and whatever parts of yourself) with, how you express yourself on the outside – it is all good, beautiful, and you deserve to have the self-confidence and self-worth that allows all of these parts of you to shine through! Learning how to live and love with what is aligned to you (and not defined by our hetero-normative, binary culture) gives you the freedom to allow the peace and confidence of true acceptance guide your decisions and life. When you are able to embrace your truest self, you’re able to live in the glow of health, passion, and peace.

Our mental health professionals will meet you, and accept you, as you are and work collaboratively with you to discover your inner strengths to combat against negativity, shame, and fear that has perhaps driven your life this far. We strive to help you discover how to incorporate the genuine aspects of yourself in your life to help you discover how to live your best life: authentically and fully present. We want to help you push past the adversity and struggle to bring acceptance and peace to your life. Embarking on your healing journey with your therapist can help you to heal the wounds caused by our binary culture, build confidence in living your truest form, loving unapologetically who you are drawn to, and just be seen and heard by someone without judgement or an underlying agenda to mold you into something society says you “should be.”


Therapy for LGBTQIA2S+ can help you...

  • Explore your sexual orientation identity(-ies) – or decide which feels most genuine to you;

  • Explore your gender identity and expression – or (screw labels!) no label at all;

  • Increase personal acceptance of, and increase your confidence around, all of your identities;

  • Free yourself from the suffocating constraints of others’ expectations for your life

  • Learn how to increase confidence and self-acceptance;

  • Build/Increase a support network of others who accept you, as you genuinely are;

Increase your understanding of what you’re feeling inside and how to bring that to your “outside” self (through self-expression and personal acceptance).

Together, let’s discover the courage and strengths already within you to live & love authentically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is therapy for LGBTQ+ covered by insurance?

Q: What does therapy for LGBTQIA+ look like?

Q: What if I'm questioning my sexuality and/or gender?

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