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Career Opportunities

Office Space for Rent

InnerStrength Therapy Services is now offering an option to work as part of a collaborative team, but to have your own practice -- without the cost of overhead! For a flat rate each month, you can rent an office at the ISTS location. If interested in renting a space, please contact Jessica at:

Send note of interest to:

Supervision Opportunities
  • Jessica VerBout, M.A., LMFT, CST

    • Has openings for post-MA/MS program supervisees working toward MFT licensure in MN.

    • Has openings for those pre- or post-licensed professionals looking to complete supervision hours for AASECT's requirements to becoming a Certified Sex Therapist (CST). (Can be done alongside MFT supervision hours.)

  • Dan VerBout, M.A., LPCC


Our Stance


Any potential contractor or staff person at ISTS will have similar goals of respect to treating clients within our community that have identities from marginalized areas and agree to upholding their personal growth and development with regards to these communities.

Our stance as a practice is as stated:
At InnerStrength Therapy Services, we strive to create a safe and validating environment for all of our clients, but especially want to make it known to those in our community who may identify with one/some of those marginalized identities (BIPOC, Native American, Indigenous American, Latinx, Asian American, polyamourous, kinky, LGBTQIA2S+, etc.) that:


          We see you.

          We hear you.

          We value you.

         We stand with you.


And with these values, our therapists commit to continuing to educate themselves about, and increase knowledge in, a range of various cultural, racial and social arenas to create the safest space possible for our clients that everyone deserves. Though we are mere humans and are destined to not get it perfect all of the time, we welcome your feedback to help us further our growth and attempts to progress in to dismantling our own -isms and strive to get closer to an equal world.

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