Family Therapy

Family therapy is talk-based therapy that is done with an identified client and their family (however this is for a person - biological family, blended or step-families, etc.), commonly working on communication or interpersonal relationships between family members. InnerStrength is able to treat traditional and non-traditional families and is happy to provide therapy sessions either in-office or through HIPAA-secure software you can use in the privacy of your own home or office (note: coverage may not be available for telehealth [e-therapy] sessions; insurance verification encouraged before your first telemedicine session. Typically all clients are in the same location during the telemedicine sessions). 


Below are some common reasons families seek therapy with a therapist, but keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list. Do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like to ask a question about your pressing concern.

Communication Difficulties
"All we do is argue lately." // "Everything we try to talk about seems to cause a fight."  //  "I just don't seem to understand my family anymore."  //  "I am just unsure how to bring this up to my child/mom/dad."
         Communication differences can, sometimes cause discrepancies between even the closest of families, even if previously things have been just fine. Your therapist can work with your family unit on understanding more of your own communication style and how to work together to create more effective and healthy communication. Communication is key to thriving, healthy relationships, even if it is family.

Life Transitions/Blended Family
"I have such a hard time dealing with my partner's family!"  //  "I feel I don't know where I stand with my partner's children."  //  "I'm scared of becoming a parent. What would that mean for me/us/our life?"           

Life is full of changes! How you adjust and adapt to them is typically how chaotic or smooth these transitions feel. When we are in a committed relationship, often our choices impact others, so using the safe space with your therapist is a great way to process through these changes and how to get through them together. Blended families can also cause discomfort and confusion as you begin to bring two family cultures together. A therapist could help to make that blending easier.

Life Transitions
"How can I ensure the divorce won't impact the kids?" // "We need to make a big move, but I'm not sure how we will move to a strange new place. What about the kids?"  //  "I am feeling left out now that my child is moving out. Will we stay connected as they grow?" 
         Life transitions and sudden changes can bring about all sorts of questions about the possible impacts on the family and how to get through them relatively safely. A therapist can help your family build strong communication and resiliency skills through family therapy services.

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