Deviant Sexuality

As sexual creatures, we cannot control what, exactly, we find ourselves attracted to. Sometimes these "erotic preferences" can put a partner/person at harm of being violated, harmed or assaulted. Often times clients with these "deviant attractions" do not want nor do they necessarily choose to have them, but seek to better understand where they may come from and how to manage them to reduce harming themselves or others.

Sex therapy is a common way that "deviant" sexual interests are treated. Through talk-based therapy, the therapists at InnerStrength are able to help individuals better understand their attractions and to create ways to ensure they, and the community (depending on the attraction), are safe. The therapists at InnerStrength are especially dedicated and mindful to treating each individual coming in with these concerns with a judgement-free and professional stance. You do not have to have been convicted of a crime to seek help! In fact, seeking help often prevents such serious behavior and we at InnerStrength want to help others and our community stay safe.

All of our therapists are dedicated to creating a safe and accountable environment to understand more of the attractions and how to stay safe.

Common erotic preferences that are deemed "deviant" include (but is not solely limited to):
-- Exhibitionistic behavior ("flashing" someone without their permission; or wanting to)
-- Voyeuristic behaviors ("window peeping" or watching others without them knowing; or wanting to)
-- Frotteuristic behaviors (rubbing against someone without permission; or wanting to)
-- Attraction to minors (17 and younger)

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